'Why I hate sharing pictures of me' - Ryan Mallinson

'Why I hate sharing pictures of me' - Ryan Mallinson

I am writing this to get it off of my chest as much as anything. I am new here, with 'here' being the fashion industry. 

If you are reading this you'll likely know our story but if not, you can read it here. I want to talk to you now about our brand or more specifically, our clothing. 

I have earned my badges through sheer determination in unpicking and understanding the world of manufacturing. I now how to make 'things', the hard work and the people involved. It's difficult but it's been a necessity in enabling me to bring to life our clothing brand. 

Our clothing is a representation of my own identity, which is something I have always struggled with. From my early teens of being a 'football lad' to my late teens and twenties spent wistfully chasing a career in music, through to my 30's finding a new lease of life as an 'athlete', my identity has been all over the place. 

Singing in a band you want to be remembered whereas the day after squatting in the gym you want nothing more than the comfiest joggers, it's something that's barbed at me for a very long time. Even now in my guise as a Creative Director of my own brand, I often feel the need to look a certain way yet as I type I am sat in a hoodie. 

I try to express my own identity through our clothing, making things that I want to not just wear, but to live in. This is one of the reasons you see a lot of me in our promo and product shots. It's not something that I am entirely comfortable with (believe it or not) but it's honest. It's my honesty. 

My honesty in being brave enough to do what I want to do by being a creative when society tells me I shouldn't. Where I am from you don't wear balloon fit jeans. I am changing that narrative in removing all judgement of myself and others. 

So that's why you see me. Hopefully I will get to see you in person one day and thank you for your support. But for now, know that behind everyone of those gleaned images are 20 that didn't make the cut.