About us

We started almost by accident through waxing one of our own jackets before being asked to do the same by friends and family. Recognising a gap in the market, we linked up with a couple of local retailers and started advertising on social media.

Customer service of old is something we really believe in so we set our stall out early in collecting and delivering jackets in person with a handshake. This helped us build trust early on that has echoed through our journey.

We soon outgrew the collection service and moved online which enabled us to offer our service across the UK. Whilst no longer meeting our customers in person, this did enable us to take our service up to the next level in offering a shorter turnaround time and a slick online booking service.

Chosen by many customers to service their jackets, we have started to work with some fantastic brands as partners and for others a service that they outsource to.

We take great pride in caring for your products by hand and genuinely enjoy transforming jackets from old to new. 

We believe that taking care of your goods is not only great for your pocket but also good for the environment in our ongoing battle to reduce waste. 

Thank you for supporting us on our journey.