Why we are manufacturing in the UK

Why we are manufacturing in the UK

I recently spoke about this on Instagram. 

It's been a journey so far for me in simply understanding the processes and terms involved for a new brand entering into the world of manufacturing. Whilst our rewaxing and repairs business continues to flourish, we wanted to flex our creative muscle and create clothing that we wanted to wear. 

We researched all of the brands we consider as peers, competitors and aspirational 'shelf-sharers' and 9/10 of them manufactured abroad but were selling as a UK brand. This is absolutely fine and more power to them. The quality is seemingly not diminished either. Though this did pose a question as to why they weren't manufacturing in the UK. The main reason was seemingly cost. 

I wondered how customers felt about buying products from the UK and our research again showed a vast appetite to do so. We also uncovered some people turning away from brands who no longer make here in the UK. This offered us an opportunity. 

We have met with a number of manufacturers from across the UK to understand their methods, their ethics and their quality. We understand that by supporting a local industry benefits the local and national economy. Be this through employment, reducing our carbon footprint and sourcing UK made materials, it's our way of doing what we can to improve the fashion industry. We can also have a personal relationship with our factory as they are merely an hours drive away. 

This is why we are making in the UK.