"The times they are are a changing"

"The times they are are a changing"

It's been a tough old couple of months. 

Everyone that runs their own business will always tell you first and foremost that it's hard. Rewarding, but hard. You get the rhetoric about bumps in the road, highs and lows and every cliche in-between and it's all true.

Imposter syndrome creeps in, dampening ideas and scribbling over plans, compounded by social media's evolving algorithms that seem to only serve in disconnecting you from your hard-earned audience. 

Mallin & Son was an idea that 'got out of hand'. It was never meant to be as successful as it is today. It was a hobby that went on to help me scratch a creative itch left irritatingly unscratched since I stopped playing music. It became my 'thing' to show my kids that anything can be achieved through a little bit of smart, hard work. 

I am immensely proud of where it is today. We are established as a service that has customers all over the world (crazier still, people now find us by searching for our name), we have our own clothing selling online and stocked in some amazing retailers, I've been on podcasts, met some heroes, some famous names and I am about to be featured in one of my favourite magazines. A humble brag-list maybe but also something that all involved can be really proud of. 

I am ambitious though and want to continue aiming high by seeing how far I can take the brand. To do this, we need to have a reshuffle about how we run the business, ensuring all of our energy is focused towards that same goal. 

This is why we have taken the decision to pause our repairs service. Our rewaxing will continue as normal.

The immediate future requires a lot more hands on work to cope with printing, tailoring and rewaxing. We really want to keep as much in house as possible so pausing repairs for now will help us do this. 

We are always reviewing the way we do things and always looking to improve. If and when anything changes, you will be the forst to know. 

Thank you for your continued support.