The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

2022 is still pretty young but in terms of our journey we have already aged quite a bit this year. 

Understanding and then navigating the fashion industry is something that has tested our knowledge and expectation. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved. To see people walking around wearing our brand as well as seeing it in stores, makes us immensely proud. 

We feel like we now understand the industry. So we're going to set our own path. 

Early May saw us have a brand refresh with a true split between the re-waxing/repairs side and our clothing brand. Our repairs dept are taking ten days our from May 15th for a refit of equipment, so that side of the business is doing just great. 

I want to reposition our clothing brand to be more representative of our values, our story and our home. We have designed a whole host of t-shirts that tell that story and they are something we're extremely proud of. We plan to link with lots of other really ace people with their own story, to show just what we as a community have to offer. 

We hope to still put into retail in the future but for now, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get first wind of any releases! 

Thanks for your support as always.