The month it all went a bit crazy..

The month it all went a bit crazy..

March 24 was our busiest month on record. It was also the first tie we'd really witnessed the power of social media first hand. 

We started creating and sharing reels of the rewaxing process on Instagram in our account blew up. One clip is just shy of 900k views which then led to our follower count ticking up by the day and exposure to a new audience prompting around 12 jackets per day landing in our workshop throughout most of March. 

We're only a small team and with one member away on holiday, it's been a busy one. But we got there and we are extremely grateful for the growth and exposure. 

A lot of the requests we received we about the waxing process and the wax that we used. We use drums of wax direct from the factory that makes most of the fabrics used to make your favourite jackets, Halley Stevensons up in Scotland. They are the standard when it comes to wax cotton and it's been great to have them along with us as part of our story but we decided to take that one step further and create our own wax. 

We wanted to share a piece of our workshop for customers wanting to try reproofing at home. That's why we are really proud to launch our own 200ml tin and 50ml touch up pot of wax which is exactly the same as the stuff we get delivered in mass from Halleys. 

We will film a tutorial in time but for now we recommend having a look at our Instagram feed for tips and how to take care of your jacket at home. 


The Elevate collab has done far better than we imagined, so much so that we had to order an extra run to cope with demand. At time of typing, pre-orders are sold out and I think a few will be available in the gym but they won't last long. I personally look forward to helping Elevate on their own journey before revisiting later this year with another run of collab pieces. 

As the spring sunshine starts to warm our mornings, we're already thinking about Autumn/Winter 24 and the colour ranges for our new run of beanies. We have a couple of really special products coming that I am personally really proud of and hope you will love. I am really trying to shift focus and refine our product range to reflect my own personal tastes and brand ethos, but more on that later. 

Thanks for ready as always.