The Elevate Social Club X Mallin & Son

The Elevate Social Club X Mallin & Son

We always champion good people doing good things. It's woven into the fabric of our brand and better still when it's on our doorstep. 

People who know me personally will know I have a background in various sporting worlds from spending a time riding bikes in circles at the velodrome. When I retired from that world I put my energy into building the business that brings you here to read this blog. Sport and exercise took a backwards step as a became a generic gym goer going nowhere other than through the motions. 

In March 23, I followed a friend to his new coaching endeavour as he joined the team at a new gym that was making loads of noise on social media. Elevate fitness was at the time based in a room a little bigger than my kitchen and was full of people from all backgrounds who were lucky enough to find a space to book onto the class.

After a free trial, I was in, finding a scratch to the itch that my cycling 'retirement' had left behind. I also remember losing an hour chatting to one of the owners, Martin, one lunchtime as we realised we were on the same page with more than quite a few things. 

Approaching a year since I stepped foot through that door, a lot has changed. The small kitchen-sized gym is now akin to a warehouse with a kitchen space of its own to support the in-house coffee shop. The gym grew as did our friendship as our business interests inevitably overlapped. 

From a design point, working with Elevate on this collaboration gives me some freedom to design something more 'fun' and less 'grown-up' to what we offer from the usual at Mallin & Son. This first piece celebrates the newly found and formed running community based at the gym who head out in all weather's for all people every Sunday morning. For now though, here's Martin Shaw to talk a bit more on what Elevate is all about...

What is Elevate and how did the idea come to fruition?

Elevate fitness is a functional fitness gym that bridges the gap between commercial gyms and professional/elite lifting gyms.
The Idea was born because we wanted to offer a space for the Everyday Athlete. A place where people can progress at their own pace, in an environment that is nurturing and encouraging. 

What's your background?
I have been involved in sport all my life. From the early years playing professional rugby to coaching strength and conditioning as a hobby. I am a qualified paramedic and spent 20 years working for the ambulance service as a clinician and also in different leadership roles.

Where did the name come from?
Interestingly the name didn't come from some deep and meaningful place. We wanted to seperate ourselves from the other gyms in the area. We had floated a few names around and then I mentioned Elevate and it just stuck. It resonated as we are always trying to 'elevate' everything we do. We will always go the extra mile.

You've come a long way in the last year alone, what's been your secret?
Believing in community, understanding our members are the most important part of our success. Listening to member feedback and reinvesting back into the gym to create the best experience possible 

Tell us more about the Elevate Social Club, what is it and how did it come about?
The Elevate Social Club is at the heart of our community. It's a place where people can come together and feel a part of something. Like everything we do, we wanted to provide a top quality environment, with the best produce. We use local coffee suppliers and want to allow access to everyone, not just members to amazing products that offer great value for money 

The biggest feeling I take away from the gym is the strong sense of community minus the elitism I've seen in other environments. What does community mean to you?
Community is about that feeling of belonging. We want to be accessible to all abilities. We wanted to create a community that feel valued and a part of the growth of the gym. 

We connect because we have a similar ethos on 'opening doors' rather than settling with what we've got. The need to explore new ideas without fear of failing, what drives this for you?
A constant desire to never settle for second best. The gym is my opportunity to give access to amazing products. Whether that's a great space, top of the range equipment, quality coaching or access to an amazing community. Growing the brand so people can access our community on a greater scale drives me forward.

Where do you see Elevate as a brand in a years time?
My main focus is that people continue to speak about us in a positive light. We are a brand for the people. Growing the brand so it's accessible to a wider audience and to ensure more people can be a part of this amazing community. 

You can pre-order the first limited run now.