The 'Country's' best kept secret

The 'Country's' best kept secret

When I started on this journey, I undertook an unbelievable amount of research to identify who my customers possibly were. They split into a number of demographics from high street shoppers buying new every year to farmers who live in their 30 year old jacket. 

Each have their place and no judgement is passed here, but as the years have gone on, we notice lots of different trends. 

A wax jacket is a genuine lifetime investment that if looked after, will last more than one lifetime. The amount of jackets we have had through the workshop that have been passed down from one generation to the next is not only amazing but genuinely fascinating. The majority of this come from the same English heritage brand. 

I would also say that 9/10 jackets that we see come from rural areas are from this same brand. These jackets have spent early winter mornings on the farm to evenings in the fields and all in-between. Furthermore, the addresses on these jackets ALWAYS without fail are something 'Hall' or 'Manor' or 'Estate'. They clearly come from people who have money and know how to spend it well. 

Another point of note is that these customers tend to be a bit older and have owned their jackets for some time. This prompted me to do some deeper analysis on our customer base which revealed that nearly all of our jackets that come from (in the lazy eyes of this city boy) the 'country', are from the same brand. These are heirlooms, working jackets, jackets for pottering around town or for having in case of emergency in the back of your old Land Rover. 

The brand we're talking about is John Partridge. 

We've come to know them over the last couple of years and visited their factory on a number of occasions to see them made first hand down in Staffordshire. They do most of their trade in Japan and South Korea with them sitting in Barbour's shadow in the UK market. 

This got us thinking. 

We see every brand of jacket through our workshop and we know quality. This is why we are proud to associate with John Partridge because we believe in both their ethos and the quality that they produce. It also seems that those in the know of which I have just written believe in them too. 

And if they're good enough for working the farm, then they're good enough for the school run, football match or nice Instagram 'fit pic'. 

This Autumn we are working closer with John Partridge to share the 'Country's best kept secret' and will be hosting a number of select jackets at our shows and online. 

You can see more in our online shop or drop me an email at to arrange a visit to our workshop.