Summer, in England?

Summer, in England?

Yes, it would seem that the UK now has summers. Without falling down a political rabbit hole and expanding too far, the old joke around England's lack of sunshine seems to be wearing thin. 

We wrote to you last week with the 'Wax jacket owner's best kept secret..' explaining how this time of year os best to get your jacket serviced. And it really is. When you need it the least is the best time to send it in. We can then get it back to you for when the rain returns. 

Whilst the workshop continues to tick over, we've been working hard this last few months to refine our branding. We were really keen to link back to where we started, telling our story and the roots from where it came. Heritage is a word I've discussed previously and it's one we're carrying forward for our latest range. 

The Lion logo is a natural progression from the Lion & Crown and welcomes the next chapter of where we are heading. Whilst everything we create is unisex, we're releasing a range that's marketing equally to women to offer more inclusivity. We are a menswear brand by definition but only because it's a territory I know best. We'd never close the door on anyone who identifies outside of that definition. 

We're still finding our way in this world but are extremely thankful for your support on this journey. We believe that we are building something special here that we can all look back on and say that we were happy to be a part of. 

Thanks for reading.