Plans for 2024

Plans for 2024

Another year, another list of goals to add and tick off. 

Or maybe not. 

We set out on this journey a little over 3 years ago not knowing where it would take us. It has offered us some amazing opportunities and opened doors to things I never though possible. I've met some lifelong friends, met some of my heroes and flexed a creative muscle. 

Christmas offered us some real time to reflect. The first prolonged period since we began. The truth is that 2023 offered lots of highs and lows. As we transitioned more to create our own clothing, the fun started to disappear. It became something we 'had' to do rather than something we enjoyed doing. 

Our rewaxing service continues to grow and i feel we're now in a place to call ourselves the industry's first and leader in what we do. We're always looking for ways to improve on that and I have wonderful people around me who make that happen without my input. 

We also started on this mission to help save money AND help reduce the impact caused by fashion on the environment. Keeping up with seasonal releases always made me feel like we may be adding to that problem rather than trying to fix it. 

As of today, we're pulling all of that back. We're not going to be doing anything for a while but when we do, it will be even more special. You'll see no more seasonal pieces and far less in the way of 'collections'. 

We want what we do to reflect our work and our ethics. And that makes happy. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a part of our Story. 

Ryan Mallinson