Paninaro 004

Paninaro 004

Scotland is somewhere I'd never been before January this year, yet there I was stood outside Belle & Sebastian's studio getting snapped by legendary Glasgow photography, Sweeney. 

Sweeney used to shoot for the NME, alongside many other publications and artists, and I was only too keen to hear stories of the people I used to idolise as a teen. Charlie (from Paninaro) made up for his lack of music knowledge with tales from his life as professional footballer and masters old firm games on a Thursday night. As soon as the mental subtitles kicked in to negotiate the accent, it was clear we'd gained some new friends.

We first swapped emails mid 2021 when the magazine had just started to emerge as a cult must-have for a whole group fo people who were not being served. In their own words: 

'Paninaro, where Football, Fashion, and Music overlap to create a Subculture. Where people like us do things like this. We are Saturdays Kids who traveled in style. Born out of Mod, Punk,and Acid House, we are like-minded people who know that the Devil is in the detail.

More than a magazine, we are a collection of ideas, a soundtrack that keeps the spirit of youth alive. We are 170 pages of creative writing,photography, and illustrations. We know theright brands, the tunes, and what’s important. Beautifully designed for a handmade experience. Paninaro has confidence, a champion for the independent; we are there to be found and discovered.'

Having spent my own youth playing music in bands and a (often muted through this channel) passion for football, it emerged that we had a lot to discuss. Phone calls were made, emails were exchanged and the result was the article you will see in issue 004. 

It was a real joy to bring together the history of the brand but also get the chance to talk about family, friends, football and music. i have always been a little careful of baring too much of the personal stuff but they did a great job (I hope) in making me not sound too much of a self-indulgent fool.

So as it goes, it turns out that Scotland isn't too far from home at all having 'nipped' up for a day trip recently to support the guys at their 'Away Days' exhibition launch. It was also an absolute pleasure to meet the rest of the guys in Bobby and Boab. 

So in short, visit Scotland and buy Paninaro.