Our clothing strategy explained

Our clothing strategy explained

Hi, it's been a while! 

I last wrote to tell you about how we we were focussing on our jacket workshop, which we did and that continues to grow. Wonderful! Our clothing was taking a slight hiatus whilst we cleared the office of samples and last sizes before taking stock of where to go next. The idea of 'filing' in with seasons became a chore so that stops but something happened in January that made us realise there is an audience who like what we do (very likely you if you're reading this, so thank you!)

We took a couple of bags full of samples and deadstock to our local charity shop in the small town of Horbury, a mere stones throw from our workshop. We posted on Instagram the same afternoon to let our followers know. The following morning someone turned up and bought every last piece. I only know this as I had three people message within a couple of days to say that they'd called in and it had all gone. One person told me that the shop had told them of the person calling in to buy it all. 

I felt a little sceptical so called in myself anonymously (I'm not famous enough for Horbury yet) and asked about the Mallin & Son stock. I was told 'We keep getting people calling in or phoning to ask about it but someone came in th following day to buy it all'. 

Wow. If that was you, thank you! Two things. The charity clearly did well, this is great but it also shows that there is an appetite for what we do. Again, thank you. It really is a creative outlet for me personally that also promotes and tells the story of the brand's journey. A brand that really has outgrown all expectation.

So what next?

In short, more clothes. We'll always keep looking for ways to add to our portfolio and our brand offers so many channels to do that. We're going to start with a new range of 'Standard' prints whilst also introducing the colour orange into our brand palette. The 'Standards' will be a pure expression of me. No frills, understated but clean, well fitting and well made. Imagine Barbour or Belstaff but on a weekend or Ralph Lauren skateboarding. Make sense? Nevermind, it will one day. 

As for orange, for one it looks great with olive and khaki which we surround ourselves with daily when fixing jackets but it's also the colour you wear to be seen in the wild, From the lifeboats on the east Yorkshire coast to the backs of hunting jackets in America. Plus it's also half the name of one of my favourite records by Frank Ocean. 

A bit about the model.

We're placing our garments on the same shelf as our peers and pricing as such. We want you to think about what you buy, buy it once and keep it. Primark has its place but it is the opposite of this. 

Our lead times will extend too as we're not planning on sitting on mounds of stock that we out on sale at the end of the season. OUr brand is special as our customers and this is just another element. Waiting is good. Waiting is worth it. 

Thanks for reading and if you have anything to ask or just want to say hi, drop me a message at ryan@mallinandson.com

Thank you x