It's been a while....

It's been a while....

Has it really been November since I last wrote? 

I guess we should start by wishing you a happy new year, though I feel we've missed that window. Christmas is always busy but 2022 was the first Christmas we spent as a fully-fledged seller of clothing as the orders to meet the big day came thick and fast. Thank you to everyone who bought something, it really does mean a lot. 

So onto 2023. We're growing but still learning, trying to find our place in a world that we don't yet fully understand. It leads to a lot of self-doubt, questioning ourselves and sleepless nights over how our latest design is going to be received. 

Where do we fit in the sea of 'fit pics' on the gram and do we even want to fit?

The best solution I have found so far is to simply stop caring. To keep creating things that make me happy. Things I find interesting. 

We're also aware of our limitations. Each month we get approached by people like GQ offering us ads and such but we don't have the marketing revenue let alone manufacturing funds to compete. 

This is why we want to keep things under control, limited and special. We're ambitious but not ambitious enough to lose our integrity and sell out. We started life fixing old jackets and flew the flag of sustainability and still do. We believe in that. Buying quality once over poor 'things' over and over is the way to go. 

That's the route we will be taking through 2023. Creating interesting garments that compliment the lifestyle of buying quality once, new and/or vintage. The line between the two has never been more blurred and we are here to smudge it further. 

Thanks for reading.