Is it really that time of the year?

Is it really that time of the year?

I am sure you'll agree that August has so far been a wash-out, typified most for us by last week's Emley Show which saw all seasons pass by the windows of the mast. The good side fo this for us was that the majority of people opted for their favourite wax jacket as their attire of choice, prompting many conversations about the wonders of a fresh lick of wax. 

The workshop is currently looking like it did in January with piles of jackets all finding their way out of the wardrobe/garage/car boot way too early. 

So as these posts finally reach so cadence, it would appear that we are harvesting some news. So on we go... 

Heritage Lion Re-Stock

We're now fully stocked and shipping from said stock. This may the last re-stock until October too so if you missed out last time, do not hang about. We've also included a black version of the hooded sweatshirt (not hoodie...) because black is the coolest colour. Don't argue with me, argue with the Ramones, Johnny Cash et al. 

Emley Moor Mast 'Great Yorkshire Icon'

The last few remain after a quick scramble post show last weekend. these have really caught the imagination so thank you to everyone that has picked one up. We're not sure we'll do these again so again, don't hang around. 

We're going on holiday...

Long time readers will know our story in naming after my boy Edward who recently turned 6. In all of those years he's never been on an airplane and neither had I had a break/holiday. So we're putting both of them matters right with a long overdue trip to the South of France for 10 days at the end of August. The only effected will be any orders heading out from the site but all rewaxes will be taking care of as per usual give or take a day or two extra. We will be sharing more updates on via Instagram. 

Thanks for reading!