Inside the Atelier Vol 1

Inside the Atelier Vol 1

I can't believe that I last wrote in March. 

The weather may still feel like March here in Yorkshire but it feels like a lifetime ago. I really want to commit to these a bit more as they generally receive a positive response. I've even given it a new name which sounds fancy. Atelier is a French word that is used to describe a creative studio and it seemed apt to use for a couple of reasons:

1. We aren't an identikit brand that does stuff for the sake of it. We like to be creative, test and try new things

2. The word Atelier couldn't be any further removed from the streets of LS13 where I grew up

So what has been happening? In short, a lot. 

Back in May we found ourselves stood on a red carpet on Savile Row with David Gandy and then a couple of weeks later we were snapped with Patrick Grant at the launch of his new book, which he very kindly added us to. Instagram followers will have seen the snaps. Truth is that I've spoken to both for a while now as I try to navigate my way through this industry that I now find myself fully entrenched within after 5 whole years of doing the doing. 

It gets lonely with a head full of ideas and a looming shadow of imposter syndrome that constantly tells you that you should 'know your place'. But this is exactly the reason why I do it. I don't know my place and decided a few months back to actively seek opportunities to put me/the brand out there. And so far it really is paying off. 

Our work has now slowed down, a new trend for summer and our socials are growing (a horrible but necessary currency in the modern age). I often see people I don't know walking around wearing our t-shirts. In fact, my 7 year old is the one to spot them! 

Our model of making to order has gained us customers rather than lost them as I feared. I didn't want tot create waste and then have to put everything to sale so I simply created at a fair price and gave you 10 days to receive it. From that I am toying with the idea of announcing that we will never put into sale. 

So what's next?

I've just worked on another streetwear release with Elevate Social Club who are growing so fast it's scary but I am also about to announce two rather ambitious projects. 

The first you may have seen on previous newsletters, 'Beautifully Worn', sees us take old wax (and wool) jackets, fix up and then put back into circulation. £10 profit from each sale will then be going to a local foundation who help clothe people who literally have nothing. The project will also celebrate the stories of people who own beautifully worn items from garments through to tools. We want to celebrate investing in quality and taking care of it. 

The second takes us way up the scale in the fashion world and pins us back to that day on Savile Row, which was more than just a day out. We'll shortly be announcing a collaboration with one of the UK's oldest, bespoke tailors as we work together to give the good work the audience it deserves. I am going on the Joe Reilly podcast this week where I hope to be in a position to share full details but this is my biggest personal challenge to date and one I am most excited about. 

I promise to not wait so long until the next one but for now, thanks for being a part of our story.