How we're improving what we do for you and the environment.

How we're improving what we do for you and the environment.

We have increased our re-waxing price for £3 and I want to explain why. 

Ever since we started we've charged £55 and have tried all we can to keep this service at that price. We came to that number having considered the alternative of paying £250-£450 for a new jacket and felt it was a worthy option both for your wallet and the environment (less new stuff, less stuff to waist)

We've managed it so far but the rising cost in everything from rising energy bills to postage to wax and everything else wrapped up in the cost of living crisis has got us as it has likely got you. This has meant that we've had to increase our £55 re-waxing service to £58. We feel this is still a healthy compromise against a new jacket. 

We want to use this increase to do better too. From the off, we will be reducing our packaging by 50% which is a signifiant decrease over the amount of parcels we send out every week. We will be introducing paper mailing bags over plastic for outgoing post and start researching how we can find a better solution fo the mailing bags we send you to post in your jackets. 

I want to be as transparent as possible and always happy to field your questions and suggestions at

Thank you!

Ryan Mallinson