Blurring the lines between vintage & new

Blurring the lines between vintage & new

Growing up in Leeds, I would spend my Saturday afternoons trawling through Blue Rinse to find some amazing vintage leather jackets and tracksuit tops. Shopping vintage or 'to thrift', wasn't as 'mainstream' as it is these days. 

With the rise of sites such as Vinted and Depop, secondhand shopping has officially found its market. Some high street stores even stock a 're-used' or vintage section. For all of the downsides of the high street, this is definitely an upside. 

The model has gone full circle though with more and more 'vintage' fast fashion pieces now filling the shelves of charity shops. You will always find shirts and pieces from Zara, Topman, Asos and Boohoo. Yes, this is good that it's not going straight into the bin but it should also question the value of buying the thing in the first place. 

The one thing we understand from working with the jackets that we take in every single day is that quality is built to last. Through experience, a lot of true vintage pieces are far superior to the newer versions too (we're looking at you Belstaff..)

Through our Re-Worked and Vintage range we are trying to normalise mixing buying quality, new items alongside vintage and/or Re-Worked pieces. Through reviving a good quality jacket, we offer you something that's unique, personal, quality AND that is helping to save the environment. 

We take clothing from military surplus, some previously issued to recruits and re-work/re-brand into something desirable. We source vintage wax and leather jackets, some needing a full overhaul and others needing a simple recondition. Adding our craftsmanship and expertise, we Re-Work and put back into circulation. 

So that's how we are trying to blur the lines between vintage and new. Normalising shopping habits to chose quality, regardless of the source.