Weatherproof long sleeved t-shirt

Weatherproof long sleeved t-shirt

Patches and patchwork mean many things to different people. ⁣They are used to repair, to signify membership or belonging, to show pride or to show individuality. ⁣ 

When a customer buys something from us that features one of our patches, we see that as not just a sign of support for what we are doing but also a sign of belonging to OUR club. ⁣ A club that welcomes everyone and shares an ethos on fixing, mending and repairing. ⁣

Released in a limited run, we hope you like them as much as we do and continue to be a part of our story, our journey and our club. 

The Weatherproof t-shirt is made from a heavy blend cotton⁣ in a fitted design. 

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