Re-waxing & Repairs

We offer a whole range of reproofing and repair services to make your jacket functional, bespoke and aesthetically pleasing. Please contact us to discuss anything that you can't see listed. See our How it Works page for further details on the process. 

Re-waxing- Premium Service £80

Our full professional Re-Waxing service completed and posted on the same day as receiving. Guaranteed to arrive back to you within 2 working days.  

Re-waxing £55

A fresh coat of wax to renew the waterproof qualities of your wax jacket. Same price for all brands and sizes. 

Large Repair £45

A large tear/rip or series of repairs. 

Small Repair £35

A small tear/rip or small adjustment.

Leather sleeve capping £35

Leather capping to tidy and prevent wear to the cuffs. 

Collar replacement £35

Replacement corduroy collar- other materials are available. 

Lining repair £35

Tidy and repair of worn linings. 

Sleeve shortening £30

Shortening of sleeves to your jacket.

Sleeve lengthening £45

Additional material to offer you the perfect fit. 

Jacket tapering £40

Tapering of the jacket to narrow the silhouette and offer a better fit. 

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