How it works

Re-waxing and repairs

We have worked hard to make our services as seamless as possible for you. Here's how our service works:

1. You fill in your details in using our simple form 

2. We post you an order form and addressed mailbag

3. You receive our mailbag and post your jacket to us*

4. We receive your jacket, get to work and return with 10 days

And that's it. Our small team deals direct with our customers so we can update on progress throughout. No long waiting times and no hidden costs.

Please contact us direct if you would like to discuss bespoke work or something that may not be listed. 

*Always use a reputable service an obtain a tracking number. 

Re-worked x Mallin & Son

Introducing Re-worked X Mallin & Son, our next move in the fight for sustainable fashion. 

Sourcing jackets and clothing deemed fit only for landfill or surplus, we redesign, repair and re-work into something beautifully unique. Adding bespoke touches for both style and function, we breath years of life back into unwanted or neglected clothing. Each piece will be available in small or very limited runs.